Bits and Pieces – 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults – Value Set of Three (3) – Classic Summer Large Piece Jigsaws by Artist John Sloane – 18” x 24”

61Zm1v2Kt1L. AC51V9nPo9mrL. AC61XvQL4FEBL. AC61AzgSNOgfL. AC61A291mIRbL. AC41uFJdZSd8L. AC51oH8Xo+E0L. AC buynow3 Bits And Pieces has been designing and manufacturing premium, high quality, innovative and original jigsaw creations for over 30 years. Our puzzles are beautifully made with random die cut designs for a truly fun and challenging experience. Licensed artwork is developed and selected by an experienced Bits And Pieces team for themes of interest, vibrant color and enjoyment.
The manufacturing process is highly automated with careful attention given to each stage of the jigsaw production process.
Bits And Pieces jigsaw puzzles are both fun and educational, providing hours of enjoyment and excitement for the entire family.
Our jigsaw puzzles start with the selection and licensing of the best images available. Custom artwork is commissioned from popular artists around the world to create beautiful and unique jigsaw puzzles.
Jigsaw Puzzles: Bits and Pieces large piece jigsaw puzzles are both fun and educational, providing hours of enjoyment and an entertaining experience for the entire family.
Value Set of Three: Our 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles come in a value set of 3 featuring ‘Out for a Drive’, ‘Mother’s Day’, and ‘Back in The Harness’ Jigsaws by Artist John Sloane. Each of these puzzles are a truly exciting and challenging experience.
Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults: This jigsaw collection provides original & intriguing gifts for any interest, age or ability. These random die-cut puzzle pieces are designed for all Bits and Pieces puzzles, so no two pieces are alike.
300 Piece Puzzle: Our jigsaw puzzles for adults are made with recycled cardboard using a thick chipboard backing. This makes the puzzle pieces solid and prevents bending when assembling the jigsaw. It also ensures a lock-tight fit between the pieces.
Packaging: These puzzle pieces are packed inside a reusable two-piece box. The colorful box cover & white bottom allows our puzzlers to store away the puzzle or pass it onto a friend. The puzzle size is 18″ X 24″ when completed. $29.98 $29.98


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