Bepuzzled GALAXY Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle (Level 3),Multi-colored

51fzMX1sO9L. AC51oKD35kODL. AC buynow3 This puzzle is named after the swirling shape of the Galaxy. It is not that difficult to solve but one becomes totally mesmerized by the pieces that move freely. It is more difficult to put them back together than to take them apart. Take a good look at how the pieces move when taking them apart so you can put them back together again. The theme is “knot” and was designed by Bram Cohen from the United States.
Hanayama’s Galaxy Puzzle is a high quality cast metal brain teaser from inventor Bram Cohen
Discover how to separate these four interlocking pieces and then try to reassemble them
Hanayama cast metal brain teasers have 6 levels of difficulty and each puzzle is Mensa-rated
Level 3 puzzles are considered moderate by most puzzlers
Number of players: single player $14.99 $14.99 - $11.99


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