Bbiamsleep 20 Pcs Brain Teasers Puzzle Game Plastic Original 3D Sphere Puzzle Magic Ball Brain Teaser Puzzles Chain and Durable Intelligence Game Puzzles for Boys and Girls Educational

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  1. Size: 3.7-5.5cm
  2. Weight: about 350g
  3. Material: Plastic/Plastic
  4. Round angles protect your hands

The perfect size makes it easy for small and large hands to play it comfortably. Everyone can enjoy these unique novelty gifts,suitable for everyone. Can be played by a single player or a group
Manipulative links and blocks challenge players’ critical thinking and problem-solving. Test logic and creative minds with this cool yet simple brain teaser
These brain games are perfect for passing time, fidgeting, and avoiding gadgets and electronics. They’re a healthier way to practice focus and concentration. Also, these work as relaxed can also be used for fun party games
All the coils and blocks are smooth and have NO SHARP EDGES for endless play without getting hurt. Made from high quality non-toxic plastic that doesn’t easily bend or break even when thrown or stepped on. Players can’t force them open so there is no chance of cheating
You can solve these puzzles anywhere: in the car, at school, at home or at the office. They’re mini and super light and can fit in your pockets. Have endless fun with friends with these handheld brain teasers, can be giving as a gift on Christmas, birthdays, or any other holidays $15.99 $15.99 - $14.99


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