AI-YUN Skewb Hex, Fisher’s Truncated Octahedron 2×2 Speed Cube, Hexagonal Tetrakaidecahedron Puzzle Cube, Sticker Megaminx 2×2 Magic Cube Puzzles Toys, Brain Teasers

419rZreH+1L. AC41gJozoFtaL. AC41MUCyT29jL. AC41nperKJ1BL. AC4132+acmI1L. AC41uL6EkOP1L. AC510TAWm+kKL. AC buynow3 1.Suitable age: 6 years old and above.
2.Product weight: about 125g;Product size: about 6.8×6.8×6.8cm.
3.General Materials: ABS Plastic.
5.Packing: Original Box.
6.Package Include: 1 x Speed Cube.
7.If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us. It’s our pleasure to serve you.Enjoy Your Shopping!

★★At first glance, you will think it is relatively simple, but you must not be fooled by its appearance
★★It is made of smooth PVC sticker and non-toxic ABS plastic. It feels very smooth and durable
★★The structure is novel, the internal structure is not complex, with ball positioning system. It can be easily disassembled and installed
★★This is a magic cube that can make players addictive.Of course, this is a puzzle cube worthy of being collected by cube lovers
★★This turned out to be a great and novel puzzle gift for kids, friends, family members, cube beginners and anybody who loves puzzles. Bring them a challenge and lots of fun $11.99 $11.99


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