60-Second Brain Teasers Crime Puzzles: Short Forensic Mysteries to Challenge Your Inner Amateur Detective

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A crime puzzle is a short, captivating crime story that lets you play the detective. After each condensed tale of greed, revenge, or just plain depravity, you’ll be faced with a difficult question related to the crime. It’s up to you to crack the case using deductive reasoning and all the forensic details and clues in the story. The sixty-five crime puzzles that follow vary in terms of difficulty and are completely independent of one another. They can be done in any order, one at a time, or all in the same sitting. (If you find yourself addicted!)




Short on Evidence

Theresa and Kathleen, two law students, were assigned an old case to investigate and appeal as a prerequisite to their graduation. The defendant, Martin Shine, had been convicted twice. His first trial, fifteen years earlier, resulted in a guilty verdict. He was sentenced to death. An appeal a year later resulted in a new trial where he was convicted again and sentenced to life in prison.

Good Neighbors

Edna Mae Wittkop had lived in a cold weather climate all seven decades of her life, so she had learned to appreciate good neighbors. Her neighbor, Harry Timmons, had plowed the heavy snow from her driveway early this morning while she’d baked him a pie. The pie was still warm when she decided to deliver it.

Double Feature

The International Society of Identical Twins’ annual convention met in Las Vegas. Society members Jeff and James were professional magicians. Along with their wives, members Susan and Sarah, they provided the entertainment. All four were identically dressed and used their identical appearance to enhance their illusions. The audience could not tell the twins apart and the act was a great success.




Little Footprints

Long after midnight, Eric awakened from a sound sleep, amazed to find himself in the poolside lounger. He felt disoriented at first, until he remembered that he and his wife, Brenda, had been sitting outside, a bottle of tequila between them, telling jokes and drinking shots. The phone rang about 10:00 p.m. It was their teenaged daughter calling from her cell.

Heir Apparent

Olivia Sullivan was sorting through her grandmother’s few belongings when she found the curious letter. Her grandmother had died last year at the ripe age of 101. One of the things her grandmother loved most in her old age was television. To her, it was nothing short of a miracle, the second greatest invention of the twentieth century, following ice cream available on request. But in those last few years, she began to show some signs of senility. She took her television shows seriously, almost too seriously, and sometimes forgot that they were not real life. One of the last times Olivia had seen her grandmother, they’d been watching an old movie together starring the famous actress, Virginia Haynes, who was murdered decades earlier.

Intoxicating Question

The expert’s deposition testimony was going south in a hurry. The defendant driver, a local pool champion, had left the tiny dive bar called the Happy Time Lounge at midnight. On his way home, he hit two pedestrians, putting one in the hospital and leaving one dead, but revived at the scene. The driver served eighteen months for reckless driving, but now the bar that had served him to the point of intoxication was being sued by the injured pedestrians. They took a break for the plaintiff’s lawyer to confer with his witness. The stakes were high because the bar owner and his employees could also be charged with reckless endangerment and sent to prison if they served the driver when he was already intoxicated and then allowed him to drive.

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