3D Metal Puzzles Brain Teaser Toys, Fidget Cube Toy

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Puzzles Toys 3D Metal
Captivating Metal Puzzle Toy: Comprised of eight pieces of metal, fit together to form a cube with gently rounded edges.
High Quality: 1.7in & 6.9oz, Each unit is sculpted the curves at long time and profiles to be increasingly fluid.
Metal brain teaser puzzles, easy to take apart – suitable for novices to protect the color. But there are subtle asymmetries and interferences between each component, so simple stacking methods cannot be used- enhancing the fun.
Fun Brain Teasers Mind Toys: Interesting mental and physical challenge. It is difficult to solve, difficult to satisfy, beautifully displayed.
3D mind puzzles puzzle also has a hidden internal cavity, which is an ideal place to hide meaningful surprises. $38.98 $38.98 - $29.98


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