1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults and Teens – Large Colorful Peacock Puzzle – Fun and Challenging – Size 27 X 20 Inches

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Vib Peac 2022
PERFECT FITTING PIECES – B Creative brings you a colorful peacock in 1000 quality cut, and perfectly matching puzzle pieces made from recycled cardboard. This is the ultimate enjoyment for any jigsaw puzzle fan.
HAVE FUN CONNECTING WITH YOUR FAMILY – This pretty and colorful jigsaw puzzle for adults and the whole family on your living room floor or dining room table will draw attention and lure your family members into participating together. Working on this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle can be used as a strategy to start a meaningful conversation, as family members work towards a shared goal.
UNPLUG FROM THE STRESSES OF EVERYDAY LIFE – Slow down, put your screens away and put together this beautiful peacock. Doing puzzles stimulates the brain while providing entertainment. It’s suitable for older children, through teens and adults and can be especially helpful for the elderly.
A HEALTHY DISTRACTION – What better way to enter a state of mindfulness and an almost meditative state. Looking at a small piece of the puzzle and figuring out where it fits in the big picture is incredibly calming and requires great focus. This mental exercise can improve short-term memory and mental speed. This is the most fun way to combat stress and anxiety.
A TRADITIONAL GIFT – Giving a jigsaw puzzle is saying “take time for yourself”. Give this gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, as a hostess gift or housewarming present. BUY YOURS TODAY and receive the puzzle in a beautiful and sturdy box. $43.96 $43.96 - $22.98


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